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Meet the studio

Meet the studio

Jasser Studio is a Dutch design studio specialized  in geometric craft. The essence of geometry is deeply rooted in our experience of reality. All the information we receive from the world around us, everything we see, hear and feel, is first expressed in terms of geometry (earth measure). At Jasser Studio we see mathematics as a fundamental element of our world and something that has been discovered rather than invented. Mathematical objects are idealized representations that are often revealed by looking at the order that underlies certain aspects of the world. All you have to do is look at nature’s patterns in the right way and you can apply mathematics.

Fascinated by the underlying causes of nature’s rhythms and regularity, Jasser’s work explores the mathematical geometric structure behind our perceived reality. His mission is to enrich people’s lives by showing them how to look at nature and our universe with a different eye. Have them understand and discover a new kind of geometric beauty. What is the basis of this beauty and how can it play a functional role in our daily lives?

“Don’t think about what you see, but what it took to produce what you see”

The principle of ‘Fractal’ geometry is a reappearing element in his work. In nature’s hidden dimension they are a true piece of art themselves. A ‘fractal’ is a never ending geometric figure with the characteristic that parts (details) of the figure are similar to the figure itself, but on a smaller scale. Zoom in and the same image will reappear over and over again.

‘Fractal’ geometry offers a new way of looking at the world. Once you see them, it’s impossible to ever unsee them. Fractals are found all over nature, spanning a huge range of scales. We find the same patterns again and again, from the tiny branching of our blood vessels and neurons to the branching of trees, lightning bolts, snowflakes, river networks and even the clustering of galaxies. Regardless of scale, these patterns are all formed by repeating a simple branching process.

Jasser Studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and graduated in 2014 with the creation of an innovative geometric production technique and the first two chairs that would mark the start of his ongoing collection.

Since his graduation, Jasser and his team have been further developing their production technique and enhancing their own artisan skills in the process. Their work consists of hundreds, sometimes thousands pieces of wooden geometry and show the transformation from the digital to the physical world. All geometry is glued, sanded and refined by hand.An incredibly elaborate process that can take up months of work.

Meet the team