Jasser Studio is a Dutch design studio that specializes in geometric craft. Jasser van Oort(1990) is the artist and driving force behind Jasser studio. Born as the son of carpenter Fred Mensink (1960), Jasser has been strongly influenced by the art of craft. Jasser and his father partnered up, on a mission to show contemporary possibilities of a craft that’s been around for centuries. 

Jasser studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and graduated in 2014 with the creation of an innovative geometric production technique and the first two chairs that form the first two pieces of his ‘Skin Collection’. The collection consists of various desks, tables, cabinets and chairs. The thread that links them all together is handcrafted geometry. The collection is created using innovative moulding techniques in combination with a laser cutter. The mix of craftsmanship and computer-controlled technique is a defining characteristic of the collection. The name ‘Skin Collection’ refers to the ‘new’ skins that are created when craft and technology meet, showcasing the result of extensive research in material and technological progress. Since his graduation, Jasser and his team have been further developing their production technique and enhancing their own artisan skills in the process. Their works consists of hundreds, sometimes thousands pieces of wooden geometry. All geometry is glued, sanded and refined by hand – an incredibly diligent process that can take months.

Through his work, Jasser explores the mathematical structure behind our perceptive reality. Since the start of his ‘Skin Collection’ Jasser has been fascinated by the underlying causes of nature’s rhythms and regularities. In the making process, Jasser further deepens his thoughts on the subject and educates himself on the hidden dimension and role geometry plays in nature. His works shows his own education on the subject, with a mission to bring this knowledge to a broader public.